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  1. Sachin Dekwal Won his 10th Pro Boxing Fight with a Unanimous Decision over Arman
  2. Urvashi Singh won her 8th Pro Boxing Fight with a Unanimous Decision over Priyanshee Singh
  3. Rohan Yadav won his 3rd Pro Fight with a Unanimous Decision over Sediqui Wahedulla.
Sachin Dekwal Undefeated after 10 Pro Fights
Urvashi Singh To fight her 11th Pro Fight
Rohan Yadav to Fight his 2nd Pro Fight

The Show was promoted by Team Roshan and Tamil Nadu based Mohammed Ali Boxing Promotions.

BOUT 1: Narendran Vs Gagan Kumar

Both Boxers were making their Professional Boxing Debuts and the decision went to the Judges at the end of the 4 rounds. Judge 1 Scored the fight in favour of Gagan Kumar, Judge 2 Scored the fight a draw and Judge 3 Scored in favour of Narendran.

The fight was declared as a Split Draw.

Official Judges Scores – Narendran Vs Gagan Kumar

BOUT 2: Akilan Vs Thilak

A 4 Round contest in the Light Heavy Weight Category, the fight was stopped within the 1st Minute of the 1st Round. Akilan landed a few hard hitting Jabs and Left Hooks which riled up Thilak from the get go. A solid left hook dropped Thilak to the canvas and the Referee gave a count for the Knockdown. It was evident that Thilak was in no position to continue.

Akilan was declared the winner with a KO in 1st Round

Official Judges Scores – Akilan Vs Thilak

BOUT 3: Dennis James Vs Ashish

A Super Welter Weight Contest, which was once again decided in the opening seconds of the 1st Round. 19 Year old Dannis James with his record of 2 Wins and 1 loss in his previous 3 outings was always the favourite in this contest. As expected, Dannis started aggressively from the 1st bell and charged at Ashish, who took a couple of lusty hooks to the chin. Ashish didn’t want to continue any further and the Referee Ajay Salvi obliged.

Dennis James won by TKO in the 1st Round.

BOUT 4: B Lenin Vs Vinoth Kumar

The 4th Fight of the evening was a Super Welter weight contest between B Lenin in the Rd corner and Vinoth Kumar in the Blue corner. Both boxers were making their Professional Boxing Debuts. Lenin looked composed with some jabs that went through Vinoth’s defences in the early seconds of the 1st Round. However, Vinoth was able to land some of his own hooks by the 2nd minute which rattled Lenin. He started turning his back to the wild flurry of punches being thrown by Vinoth. The Referee Ajay Salvi rightly called the contest to a close and awared the fight to Vinoth.

Vinoth kumar won by TKO in the 1st Round.

BOUT 5: Manodeepan Vs Ranjith Kumar

The 5th fight of the evening in the Heavy Weight category between 2 Debut Boxers Manodeepan and Ranjith Kumar. Manodeepan in the Blue corner started the fight slow and composed waiting to see Ranjith’s resolve. He landed a few telling jabs while keeping Ranjith at a distance. Ranjith’s style of keeping his head down while attempting to throw wild swings was clearly predictable and Manodeepan took good advantage of timing his punches to perfection.

By the start of the 2nd Round Manodeepan was clearly more aggressive to bring the fight to an end. Some strong Jabs and combinations to the body coupled with a upper cut to the face floored Ranjith. Referee Ajay Salvi gave the mandatory count for the knockdown and called the fight in favour of Manodeepan.

Manodeepan Won by TKO in the 2nd Round.

BOUT 6: S Karuna Vs Vishnu

The 6th fight of the evening in the Super Welter weight category between 2 debutante’s S Karuna in the Red corner Vs Vishnu in the Blue corner. The fight started with Karuna being the early aggressor and landing some good combination punches on Vishnu.

Vishnu recovered quickly from the early onslaught and kept his defences tight. After the initial fire had died down, Vishnu started connecting his own hooks and cuts to Karuna’s Body and Face. A set of combinations punches in the 2nd minute were enough for Referee Ajay Salvi to call the fight in favour of Vishnu.

Vishnu won by TKO in 1st Round

BOUT 7 : Rohan Yadav Vs Sediqui Wahedulla

The 7th fight of the evening in the Feather Weight category between Rohan Yadav and Sediqui Wahedulla was a much more quality performance in comparison to all other fights in the show. The Bout was scheduled for 6 rounds and went the distance

24 Year old Rohan was coming into this fight on the back of 1 win while Sediqui had 2 losses in his previous 2 outings

Round 1 was a cagey affair with both boxers attempting to figure each other’s strategy. Rohan had a few clear punches and combinations to win the round

Round 2 to 6 were dominated largely by Rohan Yadav. Sediqui did have some moments of his own, but Rohan was faster and more technically accomplished. Rohan was visibly tired by the 6th round and allowed Sediqui an opportunity to land some blows. However, all 3 judges were Unanimous in their decision to award the fight in favour of Rohan.

Rohan Yadav won by Unanimous Decision

BOUT 8: Urvashi Singh vs Priyanshee Singh

The 8th fight in the Women’s Bantam Weight category was between Urvashi Singh and Priyanshee Singh. A repeat of the fight that took place 6 months back in New Delhi.

24 year old Urvashi was fighting her 10th Pro Fight of her career. Prior to this fight she had a record of 7 Wins and 2 losses. Her 2 losses came in 2019 and 2018 at New Delhi and Cebu City respectively. Priyanshee on the other hand was coming fresh of a victory against Debutante Tenzin Pema a month back at New Delhi. Priyanshee came into the fight with a record of 1 Win and 1 loss. Her previous loss had also come against Urvashi in Oct 2020.

The fight was predictable in its end result and all 3 Judges gave a Unanimous decision in favour of Urvashi Singh

Urvashi Singh won by Unanimous Decision.

BOUT 9: Arman Vs Sachin Dekwal

The 9th fight of the evening was a 4 round contest between 18 year old Arman against 25 year old Sachin Dekwal.

Dekwal, Unbeaten in 9 previous Pro Fights was to fight another boxer who pulled out owing to an injury. His last fight was an 8 round contest with Amey Nitin which he comfortably won with a Unanimous Decision.

Arman was coming into this fight as a replacement fighter and was fighting his 4th Pro Fight. Prior to this fight he had a record of 2 Wins and 1 loss in his previous 3 outings in the ring. His only loss came against Rakesh Lohchab in a 6 round contest at Jhajjar earlier in the year.

Even though Arman was taller than Sachin, he was no match for the experienced hard hitting Dekwal.

All 3 Judges gave a Unanimous decision in Favour of Sachin Dekwal.

BOUT 10: Chandru Vs Sriram

The 10 fight of the evening was a 4 round contest in the Cruiser Weight division between 2 debutantes.

Chandan started the fight with the first punch being a left hook that caught Sriram on the face and he never really recovered after that. A few more hooks and cuts were all that it took to floor Sriram. The Doctor had to be brought into the ring to take Sriram out on a stretcher. Sriram is suspended from all boxing for a period of 180 days owing to the KO in the 1st minute of the fight.

Chandru won by KO in 1st Round.


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