WBC India Championship Procedures

Date of Publication : 12 August 2021

  • To get the approval for a WBC India championship, interested promoters will send by email a request to any member of the WBC India Committee with the following details included:
    • Name of the promotional company
    • Date of the fight
    • Location of the fight
    • Names of both boxers who are selected to fight for the title and their ID’s
    • Title to be at stake (weight division)
    • Number of rounds (championships will generally be over ten rounds. Exceptions to reduce to an 8-round championship bout is acceptable)
    • The Indian Boxing Council is the recognized WBC India partner commission in India.
    • Except for a WBC India championship being staged outside of India where the boxers are ranked in the WBC India ranking system, a suitable Boxing Commission must be in place to collaborate on the event.

Championship requests should be sent in within a workable timeframe, recommended four weeks before the scheduled date of the fight.

  • If one of the two boxers is not qualified to fight for the WBC India title, the WBC India championships committee can make a recommendation and ask for replacing the fighter with a worthy and better contender. On the other hand, if both boxers are considered worthy of fighting, the WBC India championships committee will sanction the specified championship.
  • The sanctioning letter is sent to the promoter, signed by co-committee chairpersons Oksana Semenishina and Kevin Noone. The championship will be held under the WBC rules and regulations.The WBC India sanctioning letter will include
    • The name of the promotional company
    • The date of the title bout
    • The name of the city and the boxing venue
    • The names of both boxers who are to fight for the title
    • The number of rounds
    • The amount of the WBC sanction fees
    • The bank details where the WBC sanction fees should be wired, the WBC sanction fees, and the amount of the costs for the appointed ring officials, or specification that the local boxing commission will calculate the ring officials fees.

  • The fees for a WBC India title:
    • Sanction fees – To be shared with interested boxing promoter
    • Championship belt – To be shared with interested boxing promoter
    • WBC Insurance – To be shared with interested boxing promoter
    • WBC fight Supervisors fees to be determined by the WBC India committee
    • Referee & judges fees to be determined by the local commission in collaboration with the WBC India committee

The WBC sanction fees, insurance fees, and belt fees for a sanctioned fight title fight can be sought from any member of the WBC India committee. Once sanctioned the fees are to be sent no later than ten days before the date of the official weigh-in to allow the WBC to deliver the belt on time

  • The number of rounds for a WBC India championship will be ten – the committee can still allow eight rounds in a justified situation.
  • In consultation with the Indian Boxing Council and medical teams, boxers sanctioned for a WBC India committee should undertake medicals to obtain clearance to fight, which should include the following:
    • an MRI of the brain without contrast is valid for three years unless required by a ringside physician
    • a dilated ophthalmological eye examination, administered by a licensed ophthalmologist, which is good for one year
    • blood work: Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) 1&2, Hepatitis B Surface Antigen, Hepatitis C Antibody which is good for the whole calendar year, i.e., From 01 January to 31 December)
    • complete physical examination, which is suitable for one year
    • boxers of 35 years and over must also submit a neurological exam administered by a neurologist
    • fighters of 35 years and over must also submit an EKG.
    • Depending on the EKG, they may also have to submit a stress test
    • female boxers must submit a pregnancy test 14 days before the date of the championship
  • The referee and the three judges for the WBC India championships will be appointed in collaboration with the Indian Boxing Council fairly and transparently. The WBC India co-chairpersons will appoint the fight supervisor in consultation with the Indian Boxing Council. For WBC India championships staged outside of India, ring officials will be selected by the WBC committee in consultation with the local boxing commission.
  • The rules applied for the WBC India championship are the same as for the WBC World Championships. Therefore, the rules should be followed by all parties involved, with the flexibility to work within the realms of the local boxing commission protocols.
  • The WBC India championships committee must be in close contact with the local boxing commission (Indian Boxing Council) under whose jurisdiction the championship fight will be held.
  • WBC Cares events are recommended to be performed on fight week – the capacity pf must first be discussed between the promoter/promotion team, and the WBC Cares India committee, led by Sam Fernandes.
  • Upon completing a WBC India championship fight, the fight supervisor has to send their official report to the WBC India championships committee within three days. This report will help the committee evaluate the following:
    • How to rank both boxers
    • A boxer losing inside the distance and the reported medical rest
    • The performance of the ring officials
    • Promoter’s performance
  • The information on the current champions in every weight division, the vacant titles, the scheduled title bouts will be published on the Indian Boxing Council website as the strategic partners of the World Boxing Council.
  • The WBC India rating committee will update the rankings each month based on activity; once issued, the rankings will be published on the Indian Boxing Council website.
  • WBC Chief Legal Advisor Alberto Leon will be WBC India’s legal advisor for any legal issues.
  • WBC India Committee:

Kevin Noone: knoone@wbcboxing.com

Oksana Semenishina: oxxanas@yahoo.com

Brigadier P K Muralidharan Raja: president@indianboxingcouncil.com

Simon Block: sblockcommbc@gmail.com

Rex Walker: cowboy@sombrero.com

Peter Abdool: pabdool65@gmail.com

Jill Diamond: jdiamond@neverhitalady.com