A boxing manager is responsible for overseeing many aspects of a professional boxer’s career. A boxer can choose to manage himself or herself, but often there may be too much responsibility for him or her to handle.

There are typically many business aspects that go into making a boxer’s career successful, such as setting up matches with opponent boxers, negotiating payments with boxing promoters, and promoting the boxer to ensure a high turnout of spectators at matches.

What are the duties of a Boxing Manager?

Typically a Boxing Manager will take care of the following for the boxer;

  • Supervise and take all reasonable steps to protect the health and safety of the Boxer.
  • Do everything reasonable to ensure that the Boxer complies with, the Rules and Regulations of the Indian Boxing Council (IBC);
  • Arrange and supervise an appropriate Boxing bouts and other events for the Boxer; in addition to boxing contests; those events may relate to his/ her training, PR, Sponsorships & Endorsements
  • The Boxing Manager should always take into account all views the Boxer may have, and in particular to permit the Boxer the right to decline on reasonable grounds any boxing opponents suggested to him by the Boxing Manager.

What are the obligations of a Boxer towards a Boxing Manager?

The Boxer will have the following obligations:

  • Use his/her reasonable endeavours to keep himself/herself in the best possible physical condition;
    • Comply with the Rules and Regulations of the Indian Boxing Council (IBC).
    • Accept and fulfil to the best of his/her ability all boxing contests and events which are reasonably arranged for him/her by the Manager
    • The Boxer will not agree to any boxing contests or events from a third person or organization without prior consultation with the Boxing Manager. Also, the boxing manager will not deny such events for the boxer, if he is not able to arrange the same for the boxer.

What are the Annual License Fees & How Do I pay

The IBC Boxing Manager Annual fees for the year 2021 – 22 is INR 1,000. Once you complete and submit your application form online, you will be shown the payment link to make the payment online.

How Many Boxers can I have under my Management?

You can have as many boxers as are willing to sign a legal contract with you. You have to keep the best interest of the boxer in mind whenever fixing any events or boxing contests for the boxer.

I am a Boxing Coach and have a Trainers License from the Indian Boxing Council, Can I also have a Manager’s License?

Yes, you can apply for a Boxing Manager’s license as long as you are not an Active Professional Boxer with an Professional Boxer License.

I am a boxer and have a Professional Boxer License from the Indian Boxing Council, Can I also have a Manager’s License?

No, you cannot apply for a Boxing Manager’s license as long as you hold a valid Professional Boxer License

How Do I cancel my Boxing Manager License? How do I get a refund?

A Boxing Manager’s License should be applied for only by somebody who is already associated with Professional Boxing in some capacity either as a Trainer, Second or Boxing Promoter. In some cases, you may also be directly related to a Professional Boxer. We do not provide licenses to anyone who does not meet the basic criteria for each Type of Boxing License.

If your application for an Annual License as a Boxing Manager is approved, no requests for cancellations or refunds will be acceptable. You can choose to not renew your License in the next year and it will automatically be cancelled.

If your annual license application is not approved, by the IBC during the application review stage a refund of your license fee, after deducting INR 150 towards processing charges shall be issued to you within 5 to 7 working days of Application Rejection Intimation.

When do I get the License?

After you complete the application process and Fees submission, Digital certificate of your license will be sent via email within 3 days of acceptance of your application. A physical card will be couriered to you with 30 days of acceptance of your Application.

I am a Boxer, Is it Mandatory to have a Boxing Manager?

Yes, it is mandatory to have a boxing Manager for you to apply for a Professional Boxer License.

I am a Boxer, How do I appoint a Boxing Manager?

The Boxer should through a separate legally binding agreement appoint the Manager, as the Boxer’s sole and exclusive Manager during the period of the terms of the contract. A copy of the said agreement will be submitted with the Indian Boxing Council within 14 days of this declaration.

In this connection the Boxer authorizes the Manager to act as his agent and to enter into contracts on his behalf with other licensed members of the Indian Boxing Council.

I am a Boxer, Can my brother be my Boxing Manager?

Yes, a Boxing Manager can be a family member, a friend or an existing IBC Licensed Boxing Manager. The nominated individual should have a legally binding contract with you and apply for a Boxing Manager’s License with the IBC

If I appoint a Boxing Manager, How much do I have to pay the Boxing Manager?

A boxing manager generally receives a percentage of a boxer’s earnings and therefore, will want a boxer to be as financially profitable as possible.

How Can I apply for a Boxing Managers License?

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