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IBC Boxing License

Get a Professional Boxer License in India – Being a boxer is more than just putting on a pair of protective gloves and throwing a couple of right hands. To be a professional boxer in India, you will need to have a Professional Boxer Licence.

What is a Professional Boxer Licence?

For many amateur boxers, stepping into the ring and forging a career as a professional boxer is the dream.

Many boxers first starting out in the sport undergo many years of blood, sweat and tears training and working hard in the gym to enhance their skills and learn their craft before completing on an amateur level.

Not anyone can just put on a pair of protective gloves and step into a boxing ring. A Professional Boxer Licence issued by the Indian Boxing Council the governing body of professional boxing in India ensures that all professional boxers have undergone full vetting and medical testing and have successfully passed a comprehensive screening process to ensure full health and safety of both the boxer and their opponents.

FAQ’s Answered by President, Indian Boxing Council

What are the Annual License Fees & How Do I pay

The IBC Boxer License annual fees for the year 2021 – 22 is INR 750.

Once you fill & submit your Application Form, you can proceed to payment of your license fees through a secured payment link which will be shown to you after submission of the Application Form

Click Here to Access the Application Form

Once the payment is complete and the Application form is submitted, an invoice will be sent to you via email and our team will get in touch with you via your phone. within 48 hours.

When will I get my first fight after getting a Professional Boxing License

A Professional Boxing License from the Indian Boxing council does not guarantee you fights. You and your Boxing Manager have to be connected to Boxing Promoters to play on their fightcards or next events. Once a Boxing Promoter agrees to add you onto their next event, the Indian Boxing Council will be intimated by the Boxing Promoter of the full fight card with your name on it. Only Licensed boxers can be included on a Professional Boxing event by a Boxing Promoter.

Click here to see the Boxing Promoters who work with the Indian Boxing Council

Who Can Apply to be a Professional Boxer in India

A boxer above the age of 17 years.

The IBC expects that all applicants have had experience in amateur boxing. Amateur records are checked and anybody contemplating a professional career who has not already boxed is advised to contact an amateur club in their area.

IBC may grant a licence to boxers who have no or only limited amateur experience but before doing so they will want to know that they have had proper and good tuition for some period of time under the supervision of a professional trainer and without exception, the applicant will be required to demonstrate his/her skills in a gym assessment prior to further consideration.

All applicant boxers are required to be trained and supervised by a licensed trainer/second and all must enter into a standard Boxer/Manager Agreement with a licensed manager of the Board.

Why do I need a licence to be a professional boxer?

Boxing is a dangerous and high-impact sport, and as a result, it is vital that precautions are put into place to ensure the health and safety of individuals completing in the ring.

A certain level of discipline and professionalism is required in a sport that has a high-risk of health implications, including cuts, bruises, broken teeth, dental problems, broken ribs, internal bleeding, and damage to internal organs as well as a whole host of other physical Injuries.

A Professional Boxer Licence ensures that all professional boxers are fully vetted, physically and mentally prepared, actively fit and properly matched to enjoy a rewarding career as a professional boxer.

How much can I earn as a professional boxer?

While a career as a professional boxer is likely, what you can potentially earn will differ depending on a number of factors, including reputation, how often you complete and management. Salaries as a professional boxer can vary widely.

A professional boxer could earn as little as INR 5,000 for a single fight to potentially Lakhs of Indian Rupees per fight, but of course, getting to that kind of main event status will take time.

In the meantime, professional boxers beginning their career can expect INR 5,000 to INR 15,000 per fight, or from INR 25,000 to INR 75,000 per fight in the mid-range.

NOTE: The Indian Boxing Council advises that professional boxers should seek alternative means of earning money outside of being a professional boxer until they reach mid-range status in the sport.

How to apply for a Professional Boxer Licence

✅ To apply for a Professional Boxer’s Licence with the Indian Boxing Council you will have to complete and submit an Online Application Form. Once the form is completed and submitted, We will get in touch with you via the phone number you provide for the following documents

All Professional Boxer Licence applicants will be expected to undergo a full medical background check and examination to ensure that they successfully pass all health, safety, and medical requirements before they can complete professionally in the ring.

Mandatory Medical documents

Medical With Opticians Report
MRI/MRA Brain Scan Report
HIV Blood Test Result
Hepatitis C Blood Test Result
Hepatitis B Surface Antigen Blood Test Result

✅ An applicant will also be required to demonstrate their skills in a gym assessment prior to further consideration for a licence, as well as holding prior experience being coached by a licenced trainer.

✅ As part of their application for a Professional Boxer Licence, an applicant will also have to enter into a standard agreement with a licensed manager of the Indian Boxing COuncil

✅ To apply for a Professional Boxer Licence, please visit the Boxer Application Page

How Do I cancel my Boxing License? Do I get a Refund

A Professional Boxer License should be applied for only by somebody who wants to be a Professional Boxer and has had some background in Amateur Boxing. We do not provide licenses to anyone who does not meet the basic criteria for each Type of Boxing License.

If your application for an Annual License as a Professional Boxer is approved, no requests for Cancellations or Refunds will be acceptable.

If your annual license application is not approved, by the IBC during the application review stage a refund of your license fee, after deducting INR 150 towards processing charges shall be issued to you within 5 to 7 working days of Application Rejection Intimation.

When do I get the License

After you complete the application process and Fees submission, Digital certificate of your license will be sent via email within 3 days of acceptance of your application. A physical card will be couriered to you with 30 days of acceptance of your Application.

Is it Mandatory to have a Boxing Manager

Yes, it is mandatory to have a boxing Manager for you to apply for a Professional Boxer License.

How do I appoint a Boxing Manager

The Boxer should through a separate legally binding agreement appoint the Manager, as the Boxer’s sole and exclusive Manager during the period of the terms of the contract. A copy of the said agreement will be submitted with the Indian Boxing Council within 14 days of this declaration.

In this connection the Boxer authorizes the Manager to act as his agent and to enter into contracts on his behalf with other licensed members of the Indian Boxing Council.

Can my brother be my Boxing Manager?

Yes, a Boxing Manager can be a family member, a coach, trainer, or an existing IBC Licensed Boxing Manager. The nominated individual should have a legally binding contract with you and he/ she needs to apply for a Boxing Manager’s License with the IBC.

If I appoint a Boxing Manager, How much do I have to pay the Boxing Manager?

A boxing manager generally receives a percentage of a boxer’s earnings and therefore, will want a boxer to be as financially profitable as possible. You can agree your own commercial terms in your contract with your Boxing Manager.

Application Form

The entire application process will take a few minutes. You can save and continue later as well.

You will need to share certain details about your Professional Boxing Record (If Any) as well as details about your current Boxing club, Trainer/ Second & Boxing Manager.

Please also keep the following documents ready for upload

  • ID Proof Document – Aadhar/ DL/ Passport – JPEG, PDF
  • Photograph – JPEG, JPG, PNG

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