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  1. The Indian Boxing Council (IBC) has its own authority to regulate, control and supervise the conduct of sanctioned matches in its own jurisdictions, throughout India, and implementing fairness and equal opportunities at all times, impartially, honestly and fairly to everybody, with its own juridical personality and fiscal autonomy, having jurisdiction and competence over all affiliated Units and Licensees that are part relevant.
  2. IBC issues annual Licenses to Professional Boxers, Boxing Clubs, Boxing Managers and Boxing Promoters. These are valid for 1 year from date os such issuance.
  3. If your application for a License is approved by the Indian Boxing Council, An online document containing your license details will be sent to you via email on the email address provided at the time of application. A typical application review takes 3 to 5 working days from date of application submission.
  4. The IBC charges a nominal fee for such Licenses and these are non transferrable.
HeadLicense FeeHow To Apply
Professional BoxerINR 750Boxer License Application
Boxing ManagerINR 1,500Boxing Manager Application
Boxing ClubINR 5,000Boxing Club Application
Trainer/ SecondsINR 1,500Professional Boxing Coach License – Coach/ Corner Man/ Cut Man
Boxing PromoterINR 5,000Boxing Promoter License – Application Form
Event Sanction FeeINR 15,000Pro Boxing Event Intimation Form


  1. A Professional Boxing License should be applied for only by somebody who works in the Professional Boxing industry. We do not provide licenses to anyone who does not meet the basic criteria for each Type of Boxing License.
  2. If your application for an Annual License for a particular function is approved, no requests for Cancellations or Refunds will be acceptable.
  3. If your annual license application is not approved, by the IBC during the application review stage a refund of your license fee, after deducting INR 150 towards processing charges shall be issued to you within 5 to 7 working days of Application Rejection Intimation.