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Brigadier PKM Raja, President Indian Boxing Council explains the most basics of Professional Boxing to everyone who wishes to be involved with the sport in India. Each episode lasts between 3 to 5 mins and goes into details and nuances of the sport.

These videos are particularly useful to a boxer, a boxing club, an organization wanting to be a Boxing Promoter or even a boxing enthusiast who wants to start following the purest and oldest form of sport known to mankind!

EPISODE 3 – 13 SEP 2021

3rd Episode of Talking Boxing –

  1. Meet The Originals – OP Bhardwaj, Dharmender Yadav, V Devarajan, Rajkumar Sangwan
  2. World Boxing Bodies – History of the Organizations & What do they Do
  3. National Boxing Commissions – What does a National Boxing Commission do
  4. Boxing Registry – Boxrec and Boxing Records
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Hindi Version

EPISODE 2 – 31 AUG 2021

2nd Episode of Talking Boxing –

  1. Professional Boxers at the Olympics
  2. Boxing Clubs & Boxer Licenses
  3. Medicals & Tests – Pro Boxing Fight Records
  4. WBC India Title Fights
English Version
Hindi Version

EPISODE 1 – 24 AUG 2021

Key Points from today’s episode

1. Who can be a Pro Boxer?

2. Rounds & Weight Categories in Pro Boxing

3. WBC India Championships Weight Categories

English Version
Hindi Version