Boxing Club Registration

Boxing Club Registration

Get your Boxing Club registered with the Indian Boxing Council.

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What is the Indian Boxing Council?

The Indian Boxing Council (IBC) is a National Boxing Commission for Professional Boxing in India. It is registered as a Not For Profit Organization in India. The IBC sanctions Professional Boxing fights in India and ensures rules and regulations of Professional Boxing are adhered to for the safety and rights of boxers.

The Indian Boxing Council is affiliated to 3 World Sanctioning Bodies i.e. World Boxing Council, World Boxing Association, World Boxing Organization.

What is a Boxing Club Registration

A Boxing Club registration with the Indian Boxing Council recognizes your Boxing Gym/ Fitness facility as a IBC certified Boxing Location.

Secondly being a registered facility grants you the ability to host IBC sanctioned events at your facility.

Club Registration is only available to members who meet the following minimum requirements

  • A fully equipped & functional Boxing Ring 18X18” or 20X20”
  • Designated Chief Coach with an NIS Regular Certificate/ NIS 6 Wk Certificate/ IBC A Level Badges.

How do I register my Boxing club?

  1. Visit the page
  2. Complete the application and click submit.
  3. Once the application is complete, you will be required to pay your club membership dues.
  4. When everything has been completed, you will receive a communication via your Email as well as your phone number for submission of additional details including but not limited to Images of your Boxing Club – Indoors & Outdoors, Boxing Ring, Certificate Proofs of your Chief Coach etc.

What is the Fee for Boxing Club Registration in India?

The Indian Boxing Council charges an Annual Membership Fee of INR 5,000 for Boxing Club Registration. The fee is valid for 1 Year from the date of Acceptance of your Registration.

Can I host an event at my Boxing Club?

Yes you can host a Pro Boxing event at your club. However, you are required to have a sanction from the Indian Boxing Council for every event or show that you want to publish records for.

A sanction is an official permit, granted to you by IBC giving you the right to host an event. A sanction for an event is provided only if all necessary requirements for an event are met including documentation and Boxer medicals for Boxer Safety.

More importantly, events and activities MUST be authorised to be further submitted to the Boxing records organization Boxrec.

How do I apply for a show/event sanction?

To apply for a sanction, you must be a Registered Boxing Club or a Boxing Promoter Licensed by the Indian Boxing Council.

The event intimation should be submitted at-least 21 days prior to the event.

To apply for an Event Sanction:

  1. You can submit an Event Intimation Form via the link ____
  2. Once received, the Indian Boxing Council will email a set of documents that need to be completed and verified including the Fight card, Bout Contracts and Promotions Contract.

Can an amateur boxer train at my boxing club

Yes, we encourage a boxing club to train Amateur Boxers for State and National Level Amateur Competitions in the Country.

You should try and recommend boxers to have an Amateur career before applying for a Professional Boxing License.

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