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Fight Report from Battleground , Faridabad – 07 January 2022.

An action packed afternoon would be an understatement for the show hosted by UPB at the Sagar Narwat Boxing Club at Faridabad, Haryana.

“Battleground”, as the event was named hosted 6 well matched Pro Boxing Fights from boxing clubs like Amjad Khan Boxing Academy (Delhi),  Lohan Boxing Club, Leo’s Boxing Club (Mumbai), KLVSP Boxing Club (Pune). The fights were shown live on Youtube Channel Sports Rapid.

Matchmaking for all 6 fight were made keeping in mind the latest rankings and ratings on Boxrec as well as Rankings released by WBC India.  Consequently, all boxers on the card had a solid pro record with everything to lose if things didn’t go as they planned. It helped matters that a lot of the boxers on the card were coached by boxing coaches of repute like Chandan Singh, Khemraj Meena, Rohit Tokas, Kuldeep Keepa and others who have had their wards ply their trades in professional Boxing in the past few years.

As expected, almost all the fights went to the Judges scorecards, including 2 bouts, that ended with split decisions from the Judges.

Keisham Luckyson Singh won by a TKO with a 1st round stoppage against Amarnath Jadhav from Pune.

Official Results

Wt Cat
Red Corner

Blue Corner

Super Fly
(6 Rds)
LSaurabh Kumar
(Win by Split Decision)
Super Light
(6 Rds)
Md AzaharLVishwas Lahori
(Win by Unanimous Decision)
(4 Rds)
Pawan Goyat
(Win by Unanimous Decision)
WYugandhar Tambat
Super Bantam
(4 Rds)
Amarnath YadavLKeisham Luckson Singh
(Win by TKO, 1st Round)
(6 Rds)
Manish AhlawatLRahul Singh
(Win by Unanimous Decision)
(6 Rds)
Amey Nitin
(Win by Split Decision)


Wt. Cat, Rounds: Super Fly, 6 Rounds

Supervisor: Manoj Panwar

Referee: Rahul Sharma

Judges:  Vinod Saini, Bhushan Rao, Ram Kumar




26 Years, Delhi

House of Warriors, Brijesh Meena

Saurabh Kumar


26 Years, Bulandshahr, UP

Amjad Khan Boxing Academy, Chandan Singh

This was a close fight for the 3 judges appointed for the fight. Both boxers were undefeated uptil now and a lot was riding on the result of this fight for them.  Gaurav, typically competes in the Light Fly/ Fly division, while Saurabh in the Bantam/ Super Bantam category.

Gaurav, started the fight on the front foot, leading with left hooks. He looked to control the pace of the fight in the early rounds. This strategy seemed quite successful in the first 2 rounds. However, Saurabh Kumar, had picked his work rate and started to become sharper and moved much more fluently from the 3rd round onwards. Saurabh, has very successfully developed a series of 3-4 straight punch combinations that he unfurls when his opponent is in the corner with great effect. These combinations have helped him win by TKO’s in his last 2 bouts. These combinations were again on display from the 4th round onwards.

Final scores of the Judges 55-59, 59-55, 56-58. It ended much closer on the Judges cards than was anticipated, It was a split decision with 2 Judges favouring Saurabh and 1 Judge in favour of Gaurav Kumar.


Super Light, 6 Rounds

Supervisor: Manoj Panwar

Referee: Suraj Thakur

Judges: Rahul Sharma, Bhushan Rao, Ram Kumar


MD Azahar


21 Years, New Delhi, Delhi

Team Roshan, Roshan Nathaniel

Vishwas Lahori


23 Years, New Delhi, Delhi

Amjad Khan Boxing Academy, Chandan Singh

 Md Azahar, was coming into this fight on the back of a 1st Round TKO against Thanghaulun Zou at Pune in early December 2021. Azahar’s record has been seeing ups and downs throughout his 7-fight career in the past 2 years. He has not been able to string together a consistent run of victories as yet and would have looked at the fight to do so. Vishwas Lahori, on the other hand had to settle for a draw against Amarnath Yadav on the same fight card at Pune. This was despite having had the superior height advantage as well as experience in comparison to Yadav. Both boxers are desperately trying to improve their fight record and win here for either would have helped them move up on the Super Light WBC India Rankings.

Lahori has a tendency to start slow and restrict actual engagement with his opponent, today seemed an exception. Vishwas started out very aggressively in the 1st round and Azahar was clearly surprised at the intensity shown by Lahori in the 1st round. However, the workrate and actual punches thrown by both boxers dropped considerably from the 2nd round onwards. The Referee in the ring, Suraj Thakur had to continuously ask the boxers to engage more effectively with each other.

Azahar picked up his intensity from the 4th round onwards, but it seemed to be a case of too little too late for Azahar. Lahori was already ahead on points on the Judges’ scorecards and no further surprises were thrown at the audience.

Final scores -56-58; 54 – 60, 54 – 60 Unanimous Decision in favour of Vishwas Lahori.


 Wt. Cat, Rounds: Middleweight, 4 Rounds

Supervisor: Manoj Panwar

Referee: Suraj Thakur

Judges: Bhushan Rao, Vinod Saini, Rahul Sharma


Pawan Goyat


30 Years, Hisar, Haryana

Lohan Boxing Club, Kuldeep Keepa

Yugandhar Tambat


23 Years, Mumbai Maharashtra

Leo’s Boxing School/ Avinash Shendkar

Pawan Goyat was making a comeback into the Pro Boxing ring after a gap of almost 3 years.

His lack of fights might have been a reason for Pawan Goyat, to have looked rusty in the 1st round. Despite Yugandhar having a height advantage, there was not much that he could do, against the superior skill levels and experience of Pawan Goyat.

Final scores -39-36, 39-36, 40-35; Unanimous Decision in favour of Pawan Goyat


 Wt. Cat, Rounds: Welterweight, 6 Rounds

Supervisor: Manoj Panwar

Referee: Rahul Sharma

Judges: Suraj Thakur, Vinod Saini, Ram Kumar


Manish Ahlawat


30 Years,

New Delhi, Delhi

Unknown Boxing Club, Rohit Tokas

Rahul Singh


24 Years, Almora, Uttarakhand

Amjad Khan Boxing Academy, Chandan Singh

Rahul Singh was coming into this fight with the confidence of 2 back to back KO victories in October and December 2021. Manish Ahlawat, on the other hand, had a close split decision victory at Yamuna Nagar in December and a 3rd round TKO in November at Sundernagar.

There was a lot of aggression on display from both fighters in the early rounds. The fight started settling into more of a stable rhythm from the 4th round onwards.

Rahul was comfortably sharper and a lot of his left hooks landed very heavily on Manish Ahlawat’s chin and torso. While, Ahlawat also countered with his own hooks and wild swings, it was the younger and sharper Almora Southpaw, Rahul Singh who was doing more of the damage.

This was a comfortable victory on points for the southpaw and he remains undefeated in the welterweight division.

 Final scores -54-60,54-60, 54-60; All 3 judges scored the fight Unanimously in favour of Rahul Singh.


 Wt. Cat, Round: Super Bantamweight, 4 Rounds

Supervisor: Manoj Panwar

Referee: Bhushan Rao

Judges: Ram Kumar, Vinod Saini, Rahul Sharma


Amarnath Yadav


23 Years,

Pune, Maharashtra

Kanwarjit Boxing Club, Vaibhav Sable

Keisham Luckyson SIngh


20 Years, Imphal, Manipur

Amjad Khan Boxing Academy, Chandan Singh

3 well timed body shots were all it took to bring the fight to an end in the 1st round of this Super bantam weight contest.

Puneri boxer Amarnath Jadhav has a lot of catching up to do if he has to make it in the professional ranks. He has shown a tendency to start slow and pick pace and rhythm from the 2nd and 3rd round in his last 3 fights. Things didn’t go to plan this time around.

20-year-old Manipuri boxer Keisham Luckyson Singh was simply much more focused with his intent and aggression. His range of combinations i.e. Right Hooks to the chin and body were directly out of a coaching handbook.

The bodyshots just connected well and Amarnath was wincing in pain the 3rd time around. Keisham’s corner saw that Amarnath was hurt and egged him on to go for the KO. The Referee Bhushan Rao quickly intervened and called an end to the fight. Keisham was declared the winner by TKO in 1st Round.



 Wt. Cat, Rounds: Lightweight, 6 Rounds

Supervisor: Manoj Panwar

Referee: Vinod Saini

Judges: Ram Kumar, Bhushan Rao, Suraj Thakur


Amey Nitin


25 Years,

Pune, Maharashtra

KLVSP Boxing Club/ Vijay Gujar

Dharmender Singh


25 Years,

Kaluwas, Haryana

CSM Promotions/ Khemraj Meena

Amey Nitin, had comfortably won his previous 2 Pro fights and was looking to improve his record after 3 successive losses against Sabari J, Sachin Dekwal and Aimal Ahmed in 2021.

His opponent, Dharmender Singh, also had suffered his 1st loss in November 2021, against Rakesh Lohchab.

The fight, turned out to be a very even contest, which resulted in disappointments and ecstatic celebrations in equal measure from both the camps.

Round by Round Analysis

Round 1 – Dharmender, looked composed while Amey Nitin, was the early aggressor and scored a few combinations. Amey Nitin’s work rate and punches thrown were higher in volume. Dharmender, was possibly thrown off by the aggression shown by Amey in Round 1.

2 Judges Scored the round in favour of Amey Nitin. 1 Judge scored in favour of Dharmender

Round 2 – Both Boxers, came out in the 2nd round, with an intent to dominate. A flurry of punches were thrown by both, in the 1st minute. Amey Nitin, threw more and connected more. Dharmender, had taken a few lusty blows on his chin by now. He realized that it may be better to stay in control of the fight by maintaining distance and playing on the counter. A couple of good hooks and straight rights landed on Amey Nitin.

2 Judges scored the round in favour of Amey Nitin and 1 judge in favour of Dharmender

Round 3 – Dharmender, seemed to have worked out his strategy in this round. He fought on the counter. Some very deft swivels and ducking before throwing hooks when Amey Nitin, was out of balance. Amey Nitin, tended to lead with a good Jab and followed up with right and left hooks. If they connected, all’s well, if not Dharmender was able to counter.

Tables were turning, 2 Judges scored the round in favour of Dharmender and 1 judge in favour of Amey Nitin.

Round 4 – This was a much more even round from both boxers. Dharmender, continued in his strategy from the 3rd round of weaving and ducking and placing right hooks to the chin just as Amey Nitin was off balance. Dharmender, saw some early success in the 1st minute of Round 4, but Amey was able to plant a few of his own swings as well as the round wore on.

This time 2 Judges scored the round in favour Amey Nitin and 1 Judge in favour of Dharmender Singh

Round 5– A very composed round in comparison the mad frenzy in the earlier rounds. Amey Nitin, was leading with his left jabs and almost everytime he was able to pierce through Dharmender’s defences. It looked, as if Dharmender, was tiring and wanted to preserve energy for a clean shot that could settle the tie in his favour. It never happen. A good uppercut at the end of the 2nd minute probably was the only clear-cut punch from Dharmender in this round.

2 Judges scored the round in favour Amey Nitin and 1 Judge in favour of Dharmender Singh

Round 6 – This seesaw nature of the round summed up the ever-changing fortunes between both boxers throughout the 6 rounds. The 1st minute, belonged to Dharmender with his deft weaves and ducking with counter hooks. The next minute, saw Amey Nitin, leading with jabs and hooks. The last-minute saw very little action as both boxers were visibly tired and possibly worried about close contact engagements.

2 Judges scored the round in favour Amey Nitin and 1 Judge in favour of Dharmender Singh

Final scores -58-56, 55-59, 58-56; Split Decision in favour of Amey Nitin.

More Bout Reports from the show being uploaded…


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