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31 Jan 2021, MUMBAI


A 4 Round Belter to start of the night, the fight went to the Judges! A Split Decision in favour of Faiyaz in the end.


6 Round Feather Weight Fight between Panda & Gusinge. Both Debut fighters and both equally matched. The results were close but we had a winner in the end through yet another Split Decision.



29 year old South paw Faizal made his debut against 23 year old Md Shamim who had 1 fight under his belt in this 6 Round Bantam weight contest. The fight went to the cards and all 3 judges scored unanimously in favour of Md Shamim.


24 Year old Sohaib who made his debut in 2015 and had 4 fights under his belt fought against Jagdev Munda in this 6 Round Fly Wieght contest. While there were not too many clear scoring opportunities created by both boxers, Sohaib was able to inflict enough damage with a nasty Right Hook on Munda’s Forehead by the 4th round for the Referee to stop the contest after consulting the with Doctor on Duty


This was a fight that showed a lot of promise in the initial seconds of the 1st round. While both boxers were making their debut in the professional ring, Vanlalawmpuia slowly grew into the fight with some meaty blows on the body of Sharma.The 2nd round was completely dominated by the 23 year old pugilist from Mizoram. A flurry of hooks and cuts midway through the 2nd round convinced the referee Ajay Salvi to call the fight in favour of Vanlalawmpuia.


This 6 round contest was dominated in the early rounds by the experienced 29 year old Mazhar Hussain from the get go. His constant combinations to the body were inflicting much pain to the younger Bind. There were moments in the 2nd round that Mazhar displayed the open stance counter punching style that was reminiscent of Olympian Akhil from the yester years. By the 3rd round Mazhar was visibly tired but he was still connecting clean punches on the counter. The younger and faster Bind had a lot of positives to take from this fight and will know that there is much to learn if he has to survive the ring with an experienced opponent like Mazhar. The fight went to the scorecards and the Judges gave a Split Decision in favour of Mazhar.


The main fight of the evening featured giant killer Tlau put up against Debutante Prince Srivastava from Mumbai. Lalrinsanga Tlau had not fought in over 10 months owing to Covid. He had in his last fight surprised the much experienced Tanzanian Haidari Mchanjo at Ceasars Palace Dubai. As expected, the fight was a walk in the park for the diminutive south paw Tlau who was simply too good for the mumbaikar. In all fairness Prince made some telling combinations that caught Tlau by surprise in the first 2 rounds. But in the 3rd round, it was as if Tlau switched another gear with a flurry of combinations to the body and face that left Prince gasping for breath midway through the 3rd round.The Referee Ajay Salvi had seen enough and decided to call the fight 2 minutes into the 3rd round.

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