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Mizoram Boys – Zoramchhana, Laldingliana, Vanlalawmpuia triumph in WBC India National Pro Boxing Titles Contests at LPS Fight Night Aizawl

LPS - 10 Nov 2023

In a thrilling two-day spectacle at the LPS Arena in Aizawl, Mizoram, a boisterous full capacity crowd witnessed an extraordinary display of talent during the WBC India National Titles on November 10th and 11th. The event showcased fierce competition, culminating in three triumphant victories for Mizoram’s own, cementing the region’s reputation as a powerhouse in professional boxing.

In the highly anticipated Super Bantamweight WBC India Title contest, F Zoramchhana (7-3-0) of Mizoram secured a hard-fought victory against Adil Rajesh Singh (9-4-2) in an intense 8-round points decision. Despite the spirited performance by Adil Rajesh, Zoramchhana’s unanimous win with scores of 72-80 in favour of the Mizo boy from all three judges clinched him the National Title in the Super Bantamweight category, bringing his record to an impressive 7 wins and 3 losses.

Zoramchhana LPS Pro Fight Night Aizawl

The Bantamweight WBC India Title witnessed an explosive 1st Round TKO as Laldingliana (5-0-0) from Mizoram overwhelmed Pradish A (2-0-0) from Tamil Nadu. Laldingliana’s superior skills and relentless attack left Pradish unable to find his footing, leading to a swift referee stoppage just two minutes into the first round.

In the Super Lightweight WBC India Title bout, Vanlalawmpuia (7-3-1) showcased his prowess by defeating Gugan Kumar (3-2-2) with a second-round TKO. Vanlalawmpuia’s powerful hooks and crosses proved too much for Gugan, leading to a decisive victory for the Mizo Hunter.

The LPS Arena also witnessed other exciting contests for the LPS Titles:

– LPS Flyweight Title: Nutlai Lalbiakkima (6-1-0) secured a close split decision against Vanlalenkawltira (Debut), showcasing his resilience and skill over four intense rounds.

– LPS Lightweight Title: HC Lalramfela (6-2-0) claimed victory over C Lalhruaitluanga (Debut) in a closely contested match, decided by a split decision after four rounds.

– LPS Welterweight Title: Lalruatzela Hauzel (1-2-0) emerged victorious against Vanlalruatpuia (Debut) with a unanimous decision after four hard-fought rounds.

– LPS Bantamweight Title: C Laldinsanga (6-0-0) secured a convincing win over Ramdinthara (Debut) with a unanimous decision after four rounds.

– Middleweight Category: C Lalrhuatiluanga (7-0-0) displayed his dominance by defeating F Lalthanluana (Debut) with a unanimous decision after four intense rounds.

The LPS Fightnight Series 2023, concluded as the finale of a month-long series, featuring over 150 fighters from across the state. The Seires was first started in 2009 and has been held ever since. Up until 2019 these events were held without any official sanctions as Pro Boxing hadn’t yet taken shape in the state in its current format. From 2021, the last 2 days of the event or the Grand Finale are conducted as sanctioned Pro Boxing Events under the technical sanction of the Indian Boxing Council and these records are registered on the global boxing records database Boxrec.

The grand finale this year attracted a full capacity crowd of over 3000 spectators on both the days, and the matches were broadcasted live on the LPS Vision channel. 

Mizoram’s supremacy in the professional boxing arena is evident with three reigning National Champions, positioning Aizawl as the emerging Pro Boxing capital of India.


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