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UPB - Kolkata, 30 June 2023

Kolkata’s boxing enthusiasts were treated to a night of punches and intense rivalries on 30th July 2023, as Indian Boxing Promoter United Professional Boxing (UPB) hosted its third event of the year at the prestigious Spring Club, Kolkata.

The event sanctioned by the Indian Boxing Council, showcased five pro boxing fights, headlined by an international showdown between Indian boxer Vishwas Lahori and Harry Simon from Namibia.

The highlight of the night was the bout between Adil Rajesh and Keisham Raju Singh, which went all the way upto 6 rounds and had to be decided on Judges scorecards. Adil won the fight by Majority decision, with 2 of the judges scoring the bout in his favour and the 3rd judge scoring it as a draw.

The international fight between Vishwas Lahori and Harry Simon turned out to be a drab affair despite the buildup. The tension in the air was palpable as both fighters entered the ring. The bout unfortunately could not live up to its hype as Simon was clearly the better boxer and Knocked out Lahori cold in the 2nd Round of the 6 Round contest.

However, the excitement in the earlier bouts were good enough for the crowd that had assembled at the venue. The four undercard fights featured some of India’s top-ranked boxing talents. These homegrown pugilists, familiar faces in the UPB Fightclub events, displayed their unwavering grit and passion for the sport. 

The UPB’s third event of 2023 proved to be another success, possibly leaving a lasting impression on Kolkata’s boxing community.

As UPB continues to provide such events, boxing aficionados eagerly await the organization’s future endeavors, anticipating more unforgettable nights of boxing.

United Professional Boxing - 30 June 2023

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