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Highlights of the Pro Boxing Fight Night by UPB :

– Rakesh Lohchab wins 8 Round Points decision over Adil Rajesh

– Sagar Narwat destroys Arun Sharma with a first round stoppage

– Harsh Gill stops Joshua Pais in 2nd round

– Keisham Luckyson blows away Bikram Mallick with 3rd round TKO victory

– Sachin Nautiyal returns with a TKO win after suffering KO loss in Dubai in Oct 2021.

Fight Results

Wt Cat
Red Corner

Blue Corner

Super Bantam
(8 Rds)
Adil Rajesh
LRakesh Lohchab
(Win by Unanimous Decision)
Light Heavy
(6 Rds)
Arun SharmaLSagar Narwat
(Win by TKO, 1st Rd)
(6 Rds)
ManjeetLSatnam Singh (Win By Unanimous Decision)
(6 Rds)
Harsh Gill (Win By TKO, 1st Round)WJoshua Pais
Super Bantam
(6 Rds)
Bikram MallickLKeisham Luckyson
(Win KO 4th Rd)
Super Welter
(6 Rds)
Ravi VishwakarmaLSachin Nautiyal (Win By TKO 2nd Rd)

Adil Rajesh Vs Rakesh Lohchab

Super Bantamweight, 8 Rounds

Referee: Rahul Sharma

Judges: Bhushan Rao, Vinod Saini, Vijay Tirkey

Boxer Profile

Adil Rajesh – 23 Yrs, Mumbai, Maharashtra

Rakesh Lohchab – 25 Years, New Delhi

Rakesh Lohchab won a points decision victory over Adil Rajesh in this 8 rounder. Lochab, will know that this fight was not one of his most impressive performances. He will be happy to put this victory behind him as he looks for some career defining fights in the future.

Lohchab, had fought an 8 rounder early in his career back in 2018. For the past few years, he, had been fighting 4 and 6 rounders only. This fight was a step up in terms of endurance and resilience for the pugilist from Delhi. Adil, was fighting his first ever 8 rounder.

Rakesh Lohchab, was on the front foot for much of the fight, but from the opening round, Adil Rajesh, showed some clever movement and quick hands. Lohchab, had trouble pinning him down. If anything, Adil, speeded up in the 2nd round, but Lohchab, attacked hard and his strong jab and left hooks were enough to have taken both of the opening rounds.

Adil had more success after the 4thround and despite some sharp left hooks from Lohchab he looked to have edged it and some flashing combinations made the fifth a good round for the Adil.

Lohchab, was back on top in the Sixth, with a series of stinging hooks. The seventh and eighth were both close rounds featuring a high work rate and more quick combinations from Adil against the constant pressure, hard jabs and hurtful left hooks from Rakesh Lohchab.

At the end of the eighth the fight was still very close as the scores were 75-77, 72-80 and 73-79 all for Rakesh Lohchab.

This was Adil’s first ever loss in the Pro circuit. The Mumbai lad, has been progressing very well in the last year and this loss should be a reminder of the work cut out for him in this very competitive weight division.

For Lohchab, After suffering a crushing 3rd Round TKO defeat to Satnam Singh, in his previous outing in December 2021, this victory over Adil Rajesh, would have added a lot of confidence for the 28 year old Delhi boy. Lohchab, has been consciously bringing down his weight division over the past few fights and Super Bantam is possibly his best bet for the fantastic shape he is in. This win takes him to a record of 11 Wins and 3 previous losses.

Rakesh Lohchab won by Unanimous Decision, Final Scores – 75 -77, 72 -80, 73-79

Arun Sharma Vs Sagar Narwat

Light Heavyweight, 6 Rounds

Referee: Rahul Sharma

Judges: Bhushan Rao, Vinod Saini, Anshul Dagar

Boxer Profile

Arun Sharma – 21 Yrs, Dehradun, Uttarakhand

Sagar Narwat – 28 Yrs  Faridabad, Haryana

Sagar Narwat makes it 14 wins as he blows away Arun Sharma inside a round.

Narwat found the target with his rights early and staggered Arun Sharma a couple of times. A vicious left to the body had Sharma badly hurt and Narwat followed that with a barrage of punches that pinned Sharma to a corner. The clock was at the last 30 seconds of the round  and the referee, Rahul Sharma waited for Arun Sharma to fightback even once, but after almost 15 seconds of no action from Arun, he rightly intervened and called an end to the fight.,  down and out. 

Narwat has rebuilt his record after a points loss to Australian Boxer Troy’O’Meley in 2019. He has now scored five wins and is No 1 with the WBC India Rankings as well as No 3 WBC Asia Rankings. This was sharma’s 2nd straight loss. He had lost by points in 4 Rounds to Arun Antil in December 2021

Sagar Narwat won by TKO  in the 1st round with clock at 2:58 Seconds.

Manjeet Vs Satnam Singh

Featherweight, 4 Rounds

Referee: Bhushan Rao

Judges: Anhsul Dagar, Vijay Tirkey, Vinod Saini

Boxer Profile

Manjeet – 28 Years, Sonipat, Haryana

Satnam Singh – 26 Years, Delhi, India

A very good win for Satnam, who takes his winning streak to 6 wins on the trot. Manjeet, was a tricky customer and this fight wasn’t a cake walk for Satnam.

Early in the fight, Satnam, was his usual calm and composed self, fighting on the counterattacks. He was comfortably ahead on the Judges cards. A freak left hook, from Manjeet, in the dying seconds of the 3rd round, caught Satnam square on the face and he tripped over the referee to hit the canvas on his back.

Satnam came back strong in the 4th and 5th rounds. A sharp right hook from Satnam at the end of the 1st minute of the 5th round, sent Manjeet staggering. Manjeet, held on and should be proud to have withstood 6 rounds with a technically superior boxer like Satnam.

Final Scores from the 3 Judges stood at 55-59 in favour of Satnam, 55-59 in favour of Satnam, 54-60 in favour of Satnam.

Satnam Singh, was declared the winner by Unanimous Decision.

Harsh Gill Vs Joshua Pais

Cruiserweight, 6 Rounds

Referee: Rahul Sharma

Judges: Anhsul Dagar, Vijay Tirkey, Bhushan Rao

Boxer Profile

Harsh Gill – 20 Years, Faridabad, Haryana

Joshua Pais – 28 Years, Palghar, Maharashtra

Gill proves to be too much of a step up in opposition quality for Joshua Pais.

After winning his first fight by a Unanimous decision in Pune last month, Joshua was overwhelmed by Harsh Gill in the very first round of this 6 round contest.

A few body shots from Gill, followed by a straight right to the head that pierced through Joshua’s defences probably did it. A few more seconds into the round, Gill pounded with combinations and hooks on Pais after pinning him to a corner. The referee watched the one sidedness of the exchange and rightly called an end to the fight as soon as Pais dropped to his knees. The Palghar boxer had taken enough punishment.

This was Gill’s 7th straight victory. He remains unbeaten so far. A Youth National Gold medallist as well as a Junior National Gold medallist in the amateurs, Gill has taken to Professional Boxing like a fish to water. His coach, Rajiv Godara was also present at the venue to congratulate gill on a stupendous performance.

Harsh Gill won by TKO in 1st Round with 1 minute 39 Seconds on the clock.

Bikram Mallick Vs Keisham Luckyson Singh

Super Bantamweight, 6 Rounds

Referee: Vinod Saini

Judges: Bhushan Rao, Vijay Tirkey, Anshul Dagar

Boxer Profile

Bikram Mallick – 30 Yrs, Kolkata, West Bengal

Keisham Luckyson Singh – 21 Yrs, 21 Years, Manipur

Luckyson blows away Bikram Mallick inside 4 rounds. Mallick tried to take the fight to Luckyson in the first and 2nd rounds. Luckyson cut loose with a powerful right hook to Mallicks face that left Mallick slumped on the canvas propped up against the ropes. He looked finished and Luckyson was gesturing to the referee to take a look at Mallick before heading to celebrate his victory.

The early rounds were anything but clinical and clean from both boxers. A lot of holding and shoving saw the referee caution both boxers repeatedly.

Luckyson continues to live up to his reputation for Knockouts with this being his 3rd straight win by KO/TKO. He is No 7 in the WBC India rankings for January and this victory would have added more weightage to move him up at least a few places.

Keisham Luckyson Singh won by KO in Round 4 – Time on Clock, 0:16

Final Scores – 27-30, 27-30, 27-30

Ravi Vishwakarma Vs Sachin Nautiyal

Super Welterweight, 4 Rounds

Referee: Vinod Saini

Judges: Anshul Dagar, Rahul Sharma, Vijay Tirkey

Boxer Profile

Ravi Vishwa Karma – 19 Yrs, Mumbai, Maharashtra

Sachin Nauityal – 21 Years, Delhi, India

Sachin Nautiyal takes out Mumbai Lad Ravi Vishwakarma in two rounds. Nautiyal, came close to finishing it in the first when he rocked Vishwakarma with a barrage of combinations late in the round. Vishwakarma survived the onslaught and countered a few on his own as well. Nautiyal was simply too big and more powerful than Vishwakarma.

It was over in the second as a left hook caught Vishwakarma heavy early in the round. Nautiyal, towered over Vishwakarma in the corner with combinations to the head and body resulting in Vishwakarma dropping to the canvas in a heap.

This was Nautiyal’s Sixth win. The 21-year-old was coming into this fight after suffering his first loss against British Pakistani boxer Sajid Abid at Dubai in October  2021.

Sachin Nautiyal won by TKO in the 2nd Round. Clock stopped at 1:59 Seconds


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