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  1. The honor, safety and welfare of the IBC professional boxer comes first, always and every time.
  2. He/ She has the right to be treated in a professional manner and be fully informed about all aspects of the sport.
  3. He/ She has the right to have all terms of any contract with a promoter or trainer in writing.
  4. He/ She has the right to have all contracts with a promoter, trainer or the Council read and explained to them by anyone of their choosing.
  5. Before any bout He/ She has  the right to know their opponents name, their record, the weight class of the bout, the number of rounds of the bout, and the amount of their purse, including any travel or training expenses.
  6. He/ She has right to directly receive any and all payments from a bout as set forth in their bout agreement.
  7. He/ She has the right to receive a written, post bout accounting from either the promoter or trainer or both, which shows how the total amount of his/her purse was distributed. If he/she has any deductions taken from their purse he/she has the right to ask for a written accounting of what these deductions were, and why they were deducted from his/ her purse.
  8. He/ She has a right to have a doctor at ringside at all times as well as emergency medical personnel and / or an ambulance present at the location at all times.
  9. He/ She has the right to hire individuals of choice to serve as trainers or seconds.
  10. He/ She has a right to know why his /her ranking has changed and the reasons for this change. This may be done by writing to the IBC. The IBC must respond in writing, within fourteen (14) days.
  11. He/ She has a right to appeal any and all suspensions and to be informed on exactly why he/she was suspended and the length of the suspension.
  12. He/ She has a right to contact his/ her zonal boxing commissioner affiliated to IBC to report any violations, ask any questions or seek any advice.

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