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The Indian Boxing Council (IBC) is a National governing body that sanctions professional boxing matches and awards national and subordinate championship titles. Its main function is to promote and serve the sport of professional boxing, and to implement its own fair, scientific, independent and objective computerized rankings system for the ratings of professional boxers and to establish uniform safety measures and uniform procedures for the protection of professional boxers as well as the conduct of championship matches.

Applicable to any person involved in professional boxing as part of Indian Boxing Council

  1. Place loyalty, fairness, and integrity as the highest moral principles, and the sport of boxing above the interests of any person or group.
  2. Protect the health and well-being of boxers at any cost.
  3. Reject any compromise that goes against justice and honesty in the ring, in the offices, and in the gym.
  4. Expose corruption of any kind wherever discovered.
  5. Oppose discrimination on the basis of caste, race, nationality, and religion, and act forcefully to counteract it, never cooperating with those who practice it.
  6. Uphold and respect the Constitution, Rules and Regulations, and principles of the IBC at all times. Failure to do so is failure to the sport.
  7. Never – whether you are a boxer, manager, promoter, trainer, matchmaker, official, supervisor, office-bearers or any member of the IBC – use the communications media to slur, slander, libel, or otherwise defame, humiliate, or insult other members of the boxing community and thereby damage the sport itself, but instead expose respectfully, actions by persons who unfairly hurt others.
  8. Devote best efforts to our sport as expected and deserved by the public, and expect the same from promoters, managers, boxers, and all the people of boxing.
  9. Refrain from unethical behaviour that may bring disgrace to all the other people involved in this beautiful sport.
  10. Never seek monetary profit at the expense or to the detriment of the boxers, who should always be fairly paid for their efforts.
  11. Pursue absolute equality for the people of boxing by always respecting the rights of others.
  12. Disregard wealth or power as influencing factors on any decision.
  13. Never use misrepresentations or other means to deceive others, but instead always present the facts and the truth in goodwill to solve problems.
  14. Never engage in business or activities that might constitute extortion, create a conflict of interest, or present an unfair restriction of competition.
  15. If you are a boxer, behave as a good sportsman in and out of the ring, in statements made to the media, as well as in attitude towards all members of the public, the boxing community, and families.
  16. If you are a boxer, shake hands before the commencement of the contest and at the beginning of the final round, and show respect for their opponents before and after the contest.
  17. Subject only to valid protest in accordance with this Constitution and the IBC Rules and Regulations, regard decisions of the referee and judges as final.

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