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Himachal Boxing  – 10 Nov at Sundernagar. Pro Boxing Fightnight by Grassroot Boxing & Himachal Pradesh Professional Boxing Association

Fight Promotions : Grassroots Boxing Promotions & Management

State Unit : Himachal Pradesh Professional Boxing Association

Matchmaker : Bhushan Rao, Madhya Pradesh

Supervisor : Manoj Panwar, New Delhi

Ringside Doctor : Dr. Alok, Himachal Pradesh

Sundernagar Boxing - Grassroot Boxing Kamal Mujtaba

Official Fightcard

Wt Cat
Red Corner

Blue Corner
(4 Rds)
Puran Chand
LAkashdeep Singh
Win By UD
(4 Rds)
Rohan Rameshwar
Win By Split Decision
(4 Rds)
Rahul Sanjay KumarLLokesh Dangi
Win By UD
Super Bantam
(4 Rds)
Sandeep Kumar
LRohit Kahar
Win By TKO, 3rd Rd
(4 Rds)
Jatinder SInghLManish Ahlawat
Win By TKO 3rd Rd
Super Middle
(4 Rds)
Harpreet Singh
Win By TKO 2nd Rd
WKarandeep SIngh
Super Feather
(4 Rds)
Akshay Kumar
Win By UD
WPrabhat Dwivedi
(4 Rds)
Naresh KumarLVidya Sagar
Win By UD


Bout 1 

Jatinder Singh Vs Manish Ahlawat
Welterweight, 4 Rounds
Referee: Rahul Patel
Judges : Suraj Thakur, Bhushan Rao, Lenin Dhiram

The first fight of the evening was a 4 round welterweight contest between 23 year old debutante Jatinder Singh from Tarn Taran, Punjab and 30 year old Delhi Boxer Manish Ahlawat who was fighting his 3rd Pro Fight. His last bout had ended in a draw at Mandi, Himachal Pradesh on 19th Oct 2021.

The bout began with Jatinder Singh starting off aggressively. A lot of holding and clinching was visible throughout the 1st round. A freak elbow from Jatinder Singh in the early exchanges caught Manish Ahlawat on the left eyebrow causing a bleed. The referee immediately stopped the bout to consult with the Ringside Doctor. Dr. Alok felt that the bleed wasn’t serious and allowed the bout to continue. A few more stoppages were made to clean the bleed in the first round.

In the 2nd round, the holding and clinching continued from Jatinder Singh, and the referee Rahul Patel awarded a warning and a point deduction to Jatinder Singh. Manish Ahlawat was able to connect a few good blows in this round. Towards the end of the 2nd round, Jatinder seemed to take a heavy blow to his stomach and possibly got winded.

Round 3 continued in the same fashion as the previous 2 rounds with Manish Ahlawat being the better boxer. Jatinder had probably exhausted himself with all the workrate he was putting up and he simply stopped fighting by the start of the 2nd minute of the 3rd round. He gestured to the referee that he did not want to continue any further.

Manish Ahlawat was declared the winner by TKO in 3rd Round. He was ahead on the scores of all 3 judges. 26-30; 25-30; 26-29

Bout 2 

Akshay Kumar Vs Prabhat Dwivedi
Super Featherweight
Referee: Bhushan Rao
Judges: Rahul Patel, Lenin Dhiran, Suraj Thakur,

 24-year-old Haryana Boxer Akshay Kumar was fighting his 2nd Pro Fight. In his last fight at Kullu he won a 4-round fight by Unanimous Decision. From the Blue corner, 23-year-old Prabhat Dwivedi from MP was fighting his debut Pro fight.

Akshay continues to impress with good feet and combinations. He seems to rely heavily on his wide left hooks. Prabhat Dwivedi was clearly outboxed in the fight all throughout the 4 rounds.

Both boxers took a tumble in the 2nd round and possibly hurt themselves. Dwivedi realized he wouldn’t be able to catch up with Akshay’s speed and hence relied more on standing steady and throwing simple combinations.

Akshay Kumar won the fight by Unanimous decision at the end of 4 rounds.

The final scores from the 3 judges were 40-36 in favour of Akshay; 40-36 in favour of Akshay; 40-36 in favour of Akshay.

With this victory Akshay should be looking forward to breaking into the WBC India Rankings in the Super featherweight category in the coming months. The Super Featherweight division is quite crowded with very good talent like Lalrinsanga Tlau, Amandeep Singh and Dharamvir leading the pack in the latest boxing rankings released by WBC India for October 2021.

Bout 3 

Rahul Sanjay Kumar Vs Lokesh Dangi
Referee: Suraj Thakur
Judges : Lenin Dhiran, Bhushan Rao, Rahul Patel

 21 year old chandigarh boxer Rahul Sanjay kumar vs 24 year old Delhi boxer Lokesh Dangi. Rahul was fighting his 2nd pro fight and Dangi was fighting his 4th Pro fight. Both boxers were unbeaten and this was expected to be a close contest.

Lokesh Dangi seems to be making a habit of starting off cautiously and slowly building momentum as the rounds progress. This strategy is great for Professional Boxing when you compete in 6 Rounds or more, however in a 4 round contest it can all go horribly wrong and have a disastrous impact as well.

Rahul was fighting with an open stance and relied heavily on counter attacking. 2 Judges scored the first round went in favour of Rahul because Lokesh had very little to show in terms of a work rate. Dangi picked pace in the 2nd round. Rahul was starting to lose steam owing to his excessive movements and retreating footwork. All 3 judges scored the 3rd and 4th round in favour of Dangi.

In the end, Lokesh Dangi won the fight by a Majority Decision. He seemed relieved, however this was a blow for Rahul. This was the 2nd fight in which the bout was decided by Majority Decision. He was on winning side last time out.

The final scores from the 3 Judges were 37 – 40 in favour of Dangi; 37 – 39 in favour of Dangi ; 38 – 38 draw

Bout 4

Harpreet Singh Vs Karandeep Singh
Super Middleweight
Referee: Bhushan Rao
Judges : Suraj Thakur, Lenin Dhiran, Rahul Patel

A Super middle weight fight between 2 debutantes from Tarn Taran Punjab. 20 year Karandeep Singh takes on 27 year old Harpreet Singh.

The first round was a timid affair with both boxers trying to gauge each other’s moves. It seemed to look like a sparring session rather than a competitive contest. By the 2nd round, Harpreet was punching away with confidence. He led his attacks with a left hook to the body and followed it up with right hooks to the face.  Karandeep received 2 or 3 hard blows to the body. After 90 seconds in the 2nd round, Karandeep signaled to the referee that he did not wish to continue.

Harpreet Singh won by TKO in the 2nd round. The final scores from the judges were 20-18 in favour of Karandeep, 20-18 in favour of Karandeep, 20-18 in favour of Karandeep.

Bout 5

Sandeep Kumar vs Rohit Kahar
Super Bantam Weight
Referee: Suraj Thakur
Judges : Bhushan Rao, Rahul Patel, Lenin Dhiran

 This was a super bantamweight contest between 2 pro boxing debutantes. 21-year-old Sandeep Kumar from Kurukshetra Haryana was fighting from the Red Corner against 22-year-old Rohit Kahar from Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh in the Blue corner.

This was a very high-octane bout in the first 2 rounds. Sandeep Kumar took the lead in charging against Rohit in the first round. Early seconds in the round saw both boxers literally standing and having a go at each other. This may have happened owing to their lack of experience in professional Boxing, wherein you have to pace yourself to last longer and take advantage of your individual fitness levels.

After settling down in the 1st round, Rohit Kahar started to focus on counter punching rather than leading the attack. The strategy felt right, as Sandeep Kumar kept walking into Rohit’s punches. The same story continued into the 2nd round as well as the early seconds of the 3rd round. Rohit Kahar was a lot more composed while Sandeep Kumar seemed to have exhausted all his energy in the first 2 rounds itself.

Late into the 3rd round, Sandeep Kumar was backed into a corner and was pinned continuously with combination punches from Rohit Kahar. The Referee Suraj Thakur, intervened and declared the fight as a TKO in favour of Rohit Kahar.

Rohit Kahar was ahead on points in the scorecards of all 3 Judges (27- 30), (27- 30), (27- 30).

Bout 6

Rohan Rameshwar Vs Suraj Ram
Referee: Rahul Patel
Judges: Suraj Thakur, Lenin Dhiran, Bhushan Rao

 20-year-old Rohan Rameshwar from Chandigarh fighting his 3rd fight and looking for his first win against 23-year-old Suraj ram from Kurukshetra, Haryana. Prior to this fight Suraj had a pro boxing record of 2 Wins and 3 losses. His last 2 losses came against international boxers at Dubai in April (On the undercard of “Herring Vs Frampton” WBO Super Feather Title) and Oct 2021.

Suraj Ram won by a split Decision. Judge 1 scored 36 – 40 in favour of Suraj; Judge 2 scored 40 – 36 in favour of Rohan; Judge 3 scored 37 – 39 in favour of Suraj Ram.

Bout 7

Akashdeep Singh Vs Puranchand

Referee: Suraj
Judges : Rahul Patel, Lenin Dhiran, Bhushan Rao

 27 year old Akashdeep fighting his 9th pro fight. Was to compete against Purandev however, owing to injury during training he fought against 28 year old replacement fighter Puranchand also from Mandi, Himachal. Puran chand was making his professional boxing debut

Akashdeep won by Unanimous decision  36-40; 36-40; 36-40

Bout 8

Naresh Kumar Vs Vidya Sagar

Referee: Bhushan Rao
Judges : Suraj Thakur, Rahul Patel, Lenin Dhiran

 Last fight of the night between 27 year old Naresh Kumar from Mandi Himachal who was fighting his 2nd Pro Fight. In his previous fight in Kullu he had a Majority Draw against Manish Ahlawat. His opponent was 20 year old Vidya sagar from Himachal who was fighting his 2nd Pro Fight. His last fight at Kullu he lost against Sahil Sharma by TKO in the 2nd round

Vidya Sagar won by Unanimous Decision 36-40; 36-40; 36-40

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