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The newly formed State Boxing Council will fill a huge gap in the administrative structure to assist boxers, coaches, boxing clubs across every district within the young state of Telangana.

Hyderabad, October 17, 2023 – In a groundbreaking moment for the sport of Professional Boxing in India, the first ever State Pro Boxing Council in the country, the Telangana Boxing Council (TBC), has been officially unveiled, operating under the umbrella of the Indian Boxing Council (IBC), National Commission for Professional Boxing in India.

Unveiled by Nizamabad MLC Ms Kavitha Kalvakuntla

The launch of the Telangana Boxing Council was accompanied by the announcement of a grand Pro Boxing Fight Night event, “Road to the Indian Pro Boxing League,” scheduled for December 2023 at the Gachibowli Stadium, Hyderabad. This extraordinary event will showcase an unprecedented 10 Pro bouts across multiple levels of competitions, including District Level competitions and a highly anticipated National Title fight in the Women’s category. Additionally, it will feature an international 10-round contest with the top-ranked Indian Pro Boxer, Sabari J. The event poster was unveiled by the esteemed MLC, Ms. Kalvakuntla Kavitha, setting the stage for a transformative era in the sport within the state.

At the event, the newly formed Telangana Boxing Council (TBC) introduced its key office bearers, including Mr. C. Hari Prasad as the President and former International Boxer Mr. RPK Singh as its Secretary General. Mr. GNS Krishna Bharghav, MD of leading real estate firm Neemsboro, will be the Vice President, and Mr. Akshar Madhavaram, founder of the Web3 Technology firm TIAR, the Treasurer of TBC.

With the vision of establishing a robust boxing framework, TBC is committed to extending administrative councils to all 33 districts of Telangana. President Hari Prasad expressed, “Our mission goes beyond creating platforms; it’s about building bridges from the grassroots upwards and illuminating hidden talents.”

This initiative is complemented by the establishment of the Hyderabad Boxing Council (HBC), a pioneering district council working in tandem with TBC.

RPK Singh, a decorated former International Boxer who represented India and the first Secretary of Telangana Boxing Council (TBC), remarked, “The launch of TBC, coupled with the introduction of the Hyderabad Boxing Council, marks a renaissance in professional boxing. Our combined structure represents a significant stride towards making boxing accessible throughout the state.

With international affiliations from giants such as WBC, WBA, and WBO, Telangana’s boxers are on the brink of gaining global recognition. Brigadier PKM Raja, President of the Indian Boxing Council (IBC), expressed his delight, “I am thrilled that Telangana holds the distinction of pioneering India’s first state Pro Boxing Council. Over the past two months, we have already affiliated approximately 15 districts across Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, and West Bengal. With Telangana planning to extend this to another 33 districts across the state, this is an extraordinary endeavor.”

This collaborative venture ushers in a new era in Indian professional boxing, with a series of regular events planned at various levels of competition.


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