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Rotary Boxing Pune Fight Night : Chandni Mehra the new WBC India Boxing Champion after defeating Muskan Srivastava by 8 Round Points Decision

Pune, 11 Dec 2022: The star is rising for Haryana boxer Chandni Mehra, who claimed her first Boxing title, winning the WBC India National Super Featherweight title in Pune at the Rotary Boxing – Pune Fight Night on Sunday.

Beneath a rig of lights at the Indoor Boxing Hall at MIT ADT University, Chandni, who hails from Yamuna Nagar, captured the title after overcoming MP’s Muskan Srivastava via a Unanimous decision.

Boxing Chandni Mehra Vs Muskan Srivastava WBC India Titlte

The 21 year old Haryana boxer who also has familial roots to Sikkim through her mother was emotional following the win. She thanked her Mother, and her team in her post-fight interview.

I have been training very hard for this for the last few years now. My mom has ensured that I stay focussed and in control of my destiny. I am just so grateful to her for always keeping me rooted and grounded. She has sacrificed a lot for me. She couldn’t be here today, but my coach Rakesh Bawa is here and I want to thank for all standing in my corner through all my ups and downs.

Pune Fight Night : Chandni Mehra Vs Muskan Srivastava

The final scorecards read 72-80, 71-80, 71 – 80 with all 3 judges scoring unanimously in favour of Chandni. The win took Chandni’s record to 10-4, as she handed the Indore based Muskan her  fourth loss of her career.

The explosive eight-round encounter went all the way with both fighters giving everything they had, knowing that a National title and a WBC Asia ranking were on the line.

Chandni got the ball rolling right from the outset, landing several heavy shots in the opening rounds. The hard right hands that Chandni connected with staggered Muskan.

The 21-year-old Chandni displayed her trademark aggression throughout the bout. Muskan, to her credit, maintained her composure in the face of Chandni’s constant pressure but continually came off second best throughout the exchanges.

Chandni’s fast-paced style was too much for Muskan. The last 15 seconds of the 8th round established Chandni’s dominance in this weight division in India, when she pummelled Muskan with repeated head and body shots while pinning her to the corner. Referee Kevin David was close by to intervene and call an end to the fight if the bell hadn’t saved Muskan.

This win comes on the heels of a close Split Draw decision in Sydney last month. “ I was robbed of a victory over an Australian when I fought down under last month. The crowds in the arena knew who won. My opponent was as surprised as I was. She has even switched off her Social media accounts in fear of the back lash from the community. The promoters haven’t even uploaded the videos

I am glad that phase is past me, but, I just had to win big tonight”.

Chandni’s win should earn her a ranking with WBC Asia. The WBC is the global leader and the largest sanctioning body in world boxing, which will see even more doors opening up for Chandni in the coming months.

About Rotary Club of Pune Central

Rotary is a global network of 1.2 million neighbours, friends, leaders, and problem-solvers who see a world where people unite and take action to create lasting change – across the globe, in our communities, and in ourselves.

The Rotary Club of Pune Central (RCPC) is committed to serve the community in the historic city of Pune.

Rotary International’s District 3131 comprises Revenue districts of Pune and Raigad. With more than 6000 strong membership base of active volunteers who are leaders in their own occupational fields, the organisation has successfully completed various projects around Pune and Raigad for Literacy & Education, Health, Social Welfare, Road Safety, Water Conservation, Protecting Environment, Women Empowerment and Child mortality, which are well aligned with the principles and objectives of Rotary as well as the theme of Imagine Rotary.

About project ‘Knockout CHD’

The Rotary Boxing Fight Series is a step to gather support for causes like “Knockout CHD” aimed at providing support for surgeries for children suffering from congenital heart diseases.  The event is also aimed at creating awareness through a unique campaign, “#AdoptaZindagi” an initiative of Jivika Healthcare, to provide vaccination for 6 vaccine-preventable diseases (not covered under Government Immunisation Program) absolutely free for underprivileged parents who cannot afford for their children.

Literally translated to mean “Knockout Congenital Heart Disease”, KO-CHD is the first project to be supported by the Rotary Boxing Championships to raise funds for treatment of children suffering from Congenital Heart Disease and in urgent need of surgeries.

CHD is a leading cause for child mortality.

  1. 1 out of every 100 children is born with CHD every year.
  2. 20% need surgery within 1st year of birth while only 7% receive this treatment leading high infant mortality due to CHD
  3. The donations / sponsorships received towards the Rotary Boxing Championships will be utilised for noble causes to support Institutions who conduct over 450 to 500 procedures (ASD/ VSD) every month for free.
  4. They still have over 3000 children in their waitlist!

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