WBC India Rankings

The WBC India committee releases monthly rankings of all Indian professional boxers who aim to compete for WBC India Titles in India and abroad.

All rankings are reviewed and agreed by members of the WBC India committee after receiving inputs from multiple stakeholders within the professional boxing ecosystem in India as well as certain reviews conducted with senior members from the global boxing records website “Boxrec” who are the official scorekeepers of boxing records recognized by the Association of Boxing Commissions.


August 2021 - Men (18 Wt Cats)Not Published
September 2021 - Men (18 Wt Cats)September 2021 - Women (7 Wt Cats)
October 2021 - Men (18 Wt Cats)October 2021 - Women (11 Wt Cats)
November 2021 - Men (18 Wt Cats)November 2021 - Women (11 Wt Cats)