Boxing rankings are arguably the most subjective rankings in the world of sports. The system of rankings has always been a highly controversial issue in the boxing industry. The IBC in time will engage a panel of experts and experienced sports statisticians to create a fair, scientific, accurate, objective, independent and unbiased computerized rankings system for the rankings of elite professional boxers from India.

The monthly rankings promulgated by the IBC shall take into consideration the following major factors

  • Previous Professional Boxing Record
  • Previous Amateur Record
  • IBC Contest Records

The IBC shall rank a total of 35 boxers in each weight category

The IBC understands that India has not had a system for engaging professional boxers thus far and hence a boxer with a fight record from any other organization around the world will be considered for ranking purposes.

Point System

15+ Pro Bouts 10+ Pro Bouts 5+ Pro Bouts 2+ Pro Bouts
750 Points 500 Points 300 Points 100 Points
Previous Amateur Record

Indian Boxers in the last 6 decades have enjoyed considerable success in the Amateur Boxing fraternity. The records of boxers from their previous Amateur Boxing experience will function as a major identity to highlight their career while converting to Pro Boxing

Event Gold Medal Silver Medal Bronze Medal Participant
Olympics 2000 Points 1500 Points 1000 Points 750 Points
Amateur World Championships 1500 Points 1200 Points 750 Points 300 Points
Asian Games 1000 Points 750 Points 500 Points 100 Points
Commonwealth Games 750 Points 500 Points 300 Points 100 Points
Sr. National Championships 200 Points 150 Points 100 Points 50 Points
Any Other National Amateur Championships 100 Points 50 Points 25 Points 10 Points
IBC record bout points

The result of each bout is given central importance

Win by KO Win Draw Lose Lose by KO
200 Points 100 Points 50 Points 0 Points -100 Points
Importance of Competition

The status of different competions is reflected in the following evaluation criteria. The multiplier value will be used to determine the final points of a bout by multiplying the result of the bout by the multiplier values against the type of event.

Event Multiplier
IBC National Title 5
IBC Title Elimination Bout 4
IBC Regular Non Title Bout 3
Golden Glove Title Bout 3
Silver Glove Title Bout 2
Silver Glove Elimination Bout 1